If your air conditioner has stopped working, it does not take long to notice. However, many Kansas City home owners may find its hard to tell if their air conditioner has had the proper maintenance or if it is in need of repair. Knowing the signs that indicate an air conditioner may need repair will give you a heads up before you’re put out in the heat.

Poor Air Flow

An air compression that is in need of repair does not allow adequate air to flow through the vents. A tell-tale sign is when some areas of your home are blowing cold air, while others are warm. Your air conditioner requires prompt repair if the compressor is in poor working order.

Smells and Sounds

If turning on your air conditioner leads to strange sounds or smells, it is usually a clear sign that something is amiss. Noises such as clanks and bangs could be the air conditioners fan malfunctioning or parts could be caked with dust or even loose. Odd scents can happen when the air conditioner’s filer needs to be replaced, but could also mean other things such as stagnant mold, mildew or even dead animals.

Different Room Temperatures

An air conditioner uses a thermostat to control whether it delivers warm or cold air to the rest of the house. If you’re noticing some areas or rooms are cold while others are warm, it may be an issue with the air conditioner unit but issues with the thermostat itself could be to blame. Inconsistent room temperatures are an excellent reason to call a repair technician sooner rather than later.


If you are finding even small amounts of water near your air conditioner, you may have stumbled across yet another sign that its time to call a qualified technician for repairs. Drain tubes inside of the appliance are responsible for disposing of the condensed air. When it is broken or blocked condensation occurs. An immediate fix is necessary as water can lead to serious and difficult problems such as a mold infestation or water damage to the home.

A comfortable home can make all the difference. Finding a reliable air conditioner repair service can keep your appliance running smoothly and for longer. Knowing when is the right time to call a profession can can prevent small air conditioner issues from becoming full blown problems.

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