Before you know it, Kansas City’s summer will be here and scorching the city. When it comes to the Midwest heat, keeping on top of you air conditioning repair could is vital. While it is still Spring, have your AC unit checked out. Regular service can help make sure your appliance is working properly and in the long run could save you time, money and hassle.

Improper care of your air conditioner is a sure way to lose money towards your electric bill. Every day, a poorly functioning unit uses more energy to run. A 25% increase in your power bill would not be unusual if regular air conditioning repair and service was disregarded. Getting your air conditioner checked out before the heat of the summer helps prevent a surprise increase in your bill.

Watch out for indoor air quality problems

Not only does an ill-maintained AC unit put your electricity on the rise, it can potentially cost you more in health and medical bills. Air units filter air of toxins, dust and dirt. A filter that is no longer working properly, lets all of these things inside your home. Air pollution is often invisible but the air quality of your home is changed immensely. Malfunctioning air conditioning units often conflict with respiratory issues, can cause your family to get sick easily and ultimately spend time and money in doctor’s offices.

Everything needs to be maintained, and that includes air conditioners. Skipping yearly maintenance can lead to more extensive damage in the future. Substantial damage need costly repairs or sometimes replacement of an entire unit. Proper scheduled maintenance reduces the risk of running into large scale issues.

Schedule your air conditioner maintenance sooner than later.

Kansas City’s sizzling summer is right around the corner. Do not hesitate and find out that your air conditioner unit needs repair right when you need to use it. Be prepared to cool off your home as soon as the hot days begin. Having your AC looked at now will save you time, money, stress and headaches later on. Stay cool, call your Kansas City maintenance man today.

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